Friday, July 28, 2006

A Cellphone Live Stones Concert: Straight From The Mixing Board

(Summary from "With technology from Single Touch, subscribers can use their phones to listen to a live Rolling Stones concert in Paris. The clarity depends, in part, on the quality of your phone's speakers. But the call isn't to some Stones groupie holding up a phone from the bleachers. This connection goes straight to the band's mixing board."

What do you think, gang? Me, I'll miss climbing to the top of A Mountain to hear the Stones play Sun Devil Stadium (this time, they inaugurate the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale on Nov. 8). Are we getting so old we want to literally phone-in our concert experiences?

(Article in Business Week).


Mariah Fleming said...

Bizarro world is replacing the actual world! Now we can not only go deaf from listening to rock music but we can get a brain tumor from listening to rock on a cellphone!! Something tells me the Stones may have stock in "Single Touch."

Listening to the bad boys of 1960's rock and roll on a cell phone??? The next step will be them phoning in a "virtual" concert via a huge 3-D concert arena screen.

Time to warm up Mose Allison's astute and hilarious observation of the "me" generation: "Your Mind is On Vacation and Your Mouth is Working Overtime!"


Mariah Fleming said...

P.S. Yeah, the good ol' days of climbing to the top of A Mountain to hear a concert are dead and gone! Bummer! But thanks for reminding me of the good ol' days (o: I'd forgotten about that...and the memories are fond.

Did anyone ever go to a concert on the south side of McDowell Road thru the mountain pass near Papago? There is (was?) a small concert stage and benches carved out of the mountainside. Of course that was before the traffic was out of control on that stretch of road.

Marty said...

Actually Mariah, at one point we went to a Phoenix City Council meeting to petition to use that little amphitheater space to do KCAC sponsored small concerts. They were open to the possibility, and were fairly receptive, but it eventually became clear that it was not a really viable space.
Greta place for trippin' back then though.

Liz Boyle said...

We could always host our first annual KCAC Lives Benefit Concert there for all 13 of us !

I'll bring the refreshments. You can bring your guitar, Mariah !

(Former students of the now defunct Gerard Catholic High School, recall Papago Park as a Valhalla for the alcoholically inclined . I recall enacting the entire Hamlet scene from Gilligan's Island on that very stage!)

Mariah Fleming said...

I'm soooo relieved to know that my imagination was not running away with me about that spot!
Yes Marty, I seem to remember talk about KCAC concerts there that never you know who built that little space? That's south of where the alleged underground city at the military base is housed too there on McDowell.

Vague memories of hanging around there on cool desert evenings (you know, when we had them?!) drinking Chianti and so forth...Liz, I'll bring my guitar if you'll re-enact the entire Hamlet scene from Gilligan's Island with your kids!! And of course Marty can do an old fashioned live remote! Those were the days, weren't they?