Thursday, January 19, 2006

Trivia Quiz "New Fun With Old Brain Cells"

Feel free to add your own questions...and ANSWERS! How much hip valley history can we stir up? Here's my first bunch of free form queries. Have at it!
1. WHAT was the first song you remember hearing on Bill's KRUX Underground?
2. WHO announced the first KCAC sign on and what did he say?
3. WHERE were the original KCAC studios located?
4. WHEN and at what studio did KCAC have their record collection stolen?
5. WHERE was KRUX located when Bill did his Little Willie Sunshine gig?
6. WERE there any stories about KCAC/KDKB in the New Times?
7. WHAT did KDKB sign on the air with?
8. WHAT did Bill Compton sign off with on his last day there?
9. WHAT fake all women's bank did KDKB advertise?
10. WHAT did the bank provide to "women who found procreation cumbersome and distasteful?"
11. WHAT was the "The Love Workshop" epsiode called in which they ate the baby?
12. WHEN was 'JOHNNY D's R and B' on KDKB?

1. WHAT was "Hatful of Peas?"
2. DID it have anything to do with "Early Peas?"
3. WHAT was The SUN CLUB? Who owned it?
6. WHY did people gather at the ENCANTO PARK BAND SHELL?
7. WHO turned part of the McDowell Mountains into a graded, natural seating area for concerts? Is it still there?
8. WHAT was "The INNER EAR?"
9. WHAT was the "BLUE GOAT"?
10. WHAT was the name of the head shop on Central south of Thomas Rd? (owned by Gary Peter Klahr)
12. WHO was Cosmo Topper?
13. WHAT was the 'Red White and Blues' Band?
14. WHAT kind of hang out was TERROS HOUSE and where was it located?
15. WHAT was the RED DOG SALOON?


Liz Boyle said...

I was too young to ever go into the Red Dog, although I passed by it many times as a passenger in my parent's car. Jeanne Sedello told me she used to hang there. I actually have one of their dinner plates I bought on ebay and is not featured on the wall of my weird laundry room.
It's now, of course, the Famous Pacific Fish Co. So glad they haven't torn down the building !
Glad to see the Blue Goat Pub building still standing, too. What a great place to catch live rock !

Anonymous said...

The Love Workshop episode where they ate the baby was called, I think, "Fast Food." Not sure. My memory is hazy and it was a long. long time ago. Maybe Wonderful Russ remembers. You out there W.R.? Are those still around? They sure were weird and least to us!
Happily Ageless in Mesa

Marty said...

The first song I remember Bill playing on the KRUX Underground was Darkness, Darkness by the Youngbloods. They were broadcasting from a house at 75th Ave & Camelback (It's still there)
KCAC was originally at Wallich's Music City at Tower Plaza, but the records were stolen from the 5th Ave & Camelback studio in 1970 I'm guessing. I don't know about the last day at KDKB but Bill used to sign off with A Very Cellular Song by the Incredible String Band.
And don't forget that Tricia Steward bought the Red Dog and turned it into Balcony Hall, which was inspired by Liberty Hall in Houston, where I took her for a concert in about 1974.
And here's a question: "Whatever happened to Peter Martin?"

Anonymous said...

Who was Peter Martin? That's a new one. I guess I'm terminally unhip, but eternally interested...hope you will enlighten us more! Jimmy do you know??

How long did Tricia Stewart own the club and when did it close? Wasn't the Red Dog first owned by a guy from Tempe named Marshall Marinakis who went to the new(!) McClintock HIgh School? I went there many years later and that was some of the gossip about past "Charger" hipness.

Really cool info about the Red Dog! Do you know when Balcony Hall closed? It was a really hip place. Sounds like you remember a lot and were instrumental in lots of memorable 70's lore. Maybe you have some questions no one else thought of!

Does anyone know if it's true that there was a Doors concert in the late 60's in Phoenix that caused a death and a riot?
Just a Cog said...

Peter Martin and I saw the last of each other at a big communal house in Prescott, AZ in about 1971 or so. We lost touch after that even though we shared food and lodging once in a while in Laveen, AZ right up to that time.

Miss that high energy!

So..... Who was Pappa Eric Harris?

Anyone besides John Robertson remember Crazy Ted Dickinson?

Ron Wortham

Anonymous said...

Ron, As I remember it, Patricia bought the Red Dog in 1970 right after she and Marty did our Janis Joplin show in Tempe. So who knew she was so rich ? The good news to me was that she booked Nooney Rickett who we had hung out with in Palm Springs, 1964.Noony an me use to run for the door a 4 am and head up to Red Mountain with our 22's and put holes in beer can's till dawn. Side story: one of those mornings Nooney and me followed a dirt trail up into the saddle of Red Mountain, it was cold and you could see your breath,
we got out of the car and were setting up our targets when we heard the sound of thundering hooves. From out of the brush on the south side of the trail came a towering white stallion who came to a halt at the sight of us and reared up, snorted steam from his nostrals and pawed the air...Right then his mare and a colt bolted out of the brush and joined him...They all three sniffed the air and took off at a fancy trot down the trail to the Verde. Noony and me threw our guns back in the car and headed back into Scottsdale for breakfast at the Safari. Thanks for the memorys.

Bob Gately

Derrick Bostrom said...

"WHAT was the "The Love Workshop" epsiode called in which they ate the baby?"

Get it here.

John Davis said...

Cosmo Topper was a local band. I know because I played for a bit with the saxophone player from that group after CT disbanded, this would have been in 81 or so.