Sunday, January 29, 2006


This seems to be the time to share what has developed in time and space since Bill Compton died in 1977. He was a HUGE fan of Arthur C. Clarke. One of his favorite works was "Childhood's End". I believe he would very much enjoy this posting and so I dedicate it to his memory.

God gave us a bone. But he also gave us a brain and perhaps, that is one of the messages of 2001 - A Space Oddysey. 2001 has come and gone now and in his own space and in his own dimension, William Edward Compton III must be smiling as he watches us all discover what has been right in front of us all these years.

Europa 'Do not land there' - was the message in the movie. WHAT WE KNOW NOW IN REAL TIME about Europa is that it is mostly water with something moving under a thick coating of ice.

And now - IAPETUS a moon of Saturn - The most recent photos from NASA seeming to show - well, YOU look. It raises enormous questions about the structure of our very own moon.

So this then, is for Bill - and for you, and for the bone that God gave us, perhaps to hit ourselves over the head with.

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Anonymous said...

Bill will live in all our imaginations as the inspiration for the dreams we dreamed after he crashed. I remember his tears a KRUK that he could not play Hendrix ...He said that night to go to KRUX and I did.. The rest became , history.

Speak Freely, Always,

Bob Gately