Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PAYPAL to: dwightkarma@gmail.com

Photo by Lissa Wales in better times.

11/11/2006 UPDATE: If you are a new reader, here is an outline of the situation.... Dwight Tindle is in the hospital and appears to be about to lose a kidney plus he has cancer in his back. It does not appear as if he will be leaving the hospital very soon and the pain is so agonizing that he is on a morphine drip. His mother "Ma" Nancy, is taking care of him and he is accepting calls and visitors, though such interludes should be brief so he can rest, obviously.

As of this week Jimmy [who created and founded this blog] got to make it over to the hospital to get Dwight and his mom set up on a PayPal account, so they can receive donations directly by computer. Your help with small amounts of cash is needed and PayPal is the way to go with it!

This is the dude who used to sign our checks. The one who picked up the tab at the resataurants after everybody excused themselves to the bathroom. The one who came and rescued KCAC from drifting into the rocks, the one who brought Toad, Hank, Bill Compton and a bunch of other talented people over to what turned out to be a radio giant - KDKB.

Don't ask what happened to the money, you got some. So did I. Now Dwight Tindle needs some help. NOT WITH BIG BUCKS - that just draws flies and lawyers. He needs help with hospital incidentals such as gasoline, parking fees, money for groceries, lunch for his mom and such. Spare Change. I can say all this with authority and no embarrasment because I have been there and done that. More than once.

One of the most beautiful Rock & Roll stories I ever read was when CREAM ----- Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce - diverted funds from "Disraeli Gears" to make sure a dying blues musician - Skip James, (who wrote "I'm So Glad" years ago) - thanks, Tom -, was taken care of. What we have the potential of doing is getting there with some love, good wishes and cash BEFORE something like that happens.

A few bucks from a lot of friends means far more than a bankroll and won't draw the attention of bottom-feeders and accountants. Bill Compton's death took everyone by surprise but we came together for Hank and the 1996 reunion and we came together for Toad and we came together for Hank's wake and we came together for Toad's celebration and we came together most recently for the Alwun party. We are still together and I challenge anyone to deny that situations such as this one is WHY we are together..

You have a chance to send a get-well wish or share a memory along with your Spare Change. Karma, serendipity Deja' Vu and just plain Motherly Love (Thanks, Frank Zappa) calls to us. The very fact that you are reading this is a spiritual message:

God is Alive
Magic is Afoot.

I have already sent Dwight five bucks via PayPal with "Lunch is on me" in the subject line. If you don't already have a PayPal Accouunt, you can start one up here....

or just click the headline to get started.



In whatever amount you feel like sharing OR simply click this button! (Thanks, Jimmy)



Please watch this column for further updates.


Jimmy said...

I've got a laptop and live fairly close to the hospital, so I could get in there today ahd help with the connection registration. Very cool thing you've set up here, Ron.

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Super Jimmy! PayPal has a debit card so he won't have to hassle with checks and paper shuffling.


Got it. Thanks. I’ll chip in today.

BTW… I don’t know who is running the blog site but thought that Jim Botkin should definitely be added to our list. His e-mail is: mindthunder@cox.net

I saw him a year ago as he was coming thru Phx on his way back to Oklahoma. He’s surviving prostate cancer and, while he looks like a poster child for a homeless convention, he’s still just as witty as ever.


Jimmy said...

Hey all - PayPal account for Dwight is now fully operational, and easy as pie to use.
Just click on the blue "Donate to Dwight" button at top left and follow the simple instructions.
Dwight's mom knows about the account and how to access the funds, so the money's all set to flow!

Mariah Fleming said...

Couple of things: GREAT job on the pay pal thing for Dwight!! I talked to AMEHOF president Terri Sussman again yesterday about him. AMEHOF absolutely recognizes his amazing contributions to the Valley.

How 'bout everyone send an email now to them saying Dwight needs to be recognized? AMEHOF is a community organization. They WANT to hear from YOU! Write "azhalloffame@aol.com" and make another contribution...to his legacy!

Ted, I had forwarded the info you send me about Jim Botkin several months ago...we had a glitch with our list shortly afterwards but his name is on there now. Hope to hear more from you on the blog! Good to know you're cheking in. Sorry you missed the Alwun gathering we had, it was a blast. Next time.

And dear Ronco, how are you doing? Did your hospital procedure go well? We are all waiting to hear that you are astonishing your doctors! Thank you for being in touch with Dwight and his family. You're the best.

God is Alive, Magic is Afoot.

Mariah Fleming said...

Just called the hospital. Dwight was sleeping but I left him a msg. He can receive cards at this address:
Dwight Tindle, Room 3131
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital
9033 E. Shea Blvd
Scottsdale AZ 85260
The nurse in him room who talked to me said he is not likely to be leaving anytime soon yet. Lets plaster his wall with cards and letters!

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Hey Mariah... We found a way to make The List stay on top of the page so the story on Dwight will always be the first thing everyone sees.

As for my diagnosis -- well the doc sez I have as much as 5 years to live but the bypass arteries are still clear and have been since 1989. You tell me. Further, there is no evidence of strokes from 2001 or current stroke problems. I have to assume the blackouts were from constipation or lack of sex. You tell me.

Meanwhile I have acquired a SECOND and IDENTICAL motorcycle. My son and I are planning to smoke Phoenix maybe this summer on our way to the West Coast and Highway 1, in search of The Perfect Artichoke.



Anonymous said...

Dwight is very ill and doctors say he will not recover. Please pray for him and our family.