Monday, October 24, 2005

Vampire Bill?

Bill Compton, a vampire? Apparently so - at least in the fiction of Charlaine Harris, proclaimed by Amazon editors as "One of the best-known and best writers of the new American mythology." Harris has authored four novels now (in her Anthony Award-winning Southern Vampire series) that center around the story of psychic waitress Sookie Stackhouse who has fallen out with her undead lover, Bill Compton.
Hey, this blog is getting desperate for attention. Come on, you old KCAC/KDKB heads - play our Song of the Week and tell us why (or why not) our hero could be an undead lothario exiled to Peru.

1 comment:

miner/poet said...

Bill a vampire ? Naw, more a pre-new age lothario seducing Scottsdale sub-teen debutants through the ear while urging the boys to lift the Xavier babes blouses just a little bit, Higher.

Sly Guy that he is, Little Willy would stand up and salute in song these eager Beaver Hunters far out on the Indian School Road...
Scottsdale high ? Yeah !

Vampires are suckers, Compton, a lover of all that sought, Love.
Seduction beyond suction, Whats a hickey but a Mark of Loved, Yo Brother! Thus Spoke Zeitgeist, the Voice of the Times, Now and too Be, KCAC,KDKB.