Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bill Compton Story

Hi! I just stumbled across your weblog while testing the new Google Blog Search. I googled "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot." Interesting synchronicity. (I published it on <a href="">my blog</a> last week.)
Anyway, I have a Bill Compton story that I can finally tell to somebody who might appreciate it. I only met him once, but I might actually be one of the first people in Phoenix to meet him.
I was working at KALF/KMND in the spring of 1969. KALF was an AM daytimer and KMND was automated beautiful music. (It became KDKB a couple of years later.) My job was to babysit the automation overnight and do the program logs.
KALF hired a new announcer named Ray(?) for midday. He came in one night after midnight with Bill Compton. They had both just arrived from Texas, I believe. Bill came in to record an audition tape for KRUX. He said he was going to get hired at KRUX and then later introduce an album rock program on the station. Well, of course, that's exactly what happened!
He made an impression on me because I have never met anyone before or since who had so much confidence, without being arrogant.
Shortly after that I left for a real on-the-air job in California. I moved back to Arizona permanently in 1979. So I only heard KCAC and the early KDKB a few times while back visiting relatives.

Roland Foster

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