Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nina Joy...


Sadly, Tommy Vascocu just sent me an email to let me know that Nina Joy passed away on November 23rd.  My condolences to all her family and friends.  May she rest peacefully in the joy of knowing she was part of a beautiful and loving family, and will always be in our hearts.


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Janie Snyder said...

I had the honor and the privilege of working at KWFM (Tucson) after Nina had departed for KDKB. I met her when she was still on-air at FM. Her long, red hair mesmerized me, and that voice...!! I thought she could never be replaced, and I was right. She was my idol and my ideal. I can still remember her saying, "The last four hours were brought to you in the nude...but you missed it." She was a pioneer, and as one of the band of the "next wave" of women to hit the airwaves, I was proud to follow her. Her mentor and friend, Mark Young, helped to bring Nina from Vermont and get her started in the "real" world of radio. I like to think that Nina and Mark are sitting around some old turntable somewhere, talking over old times! Condolences to all of you at KDKB, and to her family.