Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello! A reunion is being planned for this fall at Alwun House in Phoenix. For more information contact Daniel (vagabondvet at gmail dot com).


urbancowboy1773 said...

Do any of you remember KALF/KMND in Mesa that preceeded KCAC? It was in Mesa just south and to the right under the railroad underpass. It had been a Country Music and Christian Radio Station combo.

On of my dorm mates, John Carlock, was the Engineer there. That was 1969-70.

vagabondvet said...

Hi, urbancowboy. I don't, but I can just about guarantee you that many of the people coming to the reunion October 3rd will. I was at Rebirth in '69-'71! You should come to the reunion! If you don't know about it, send me an email (address in the post above), and I'll fill you in. I hope you can make it, it'll be fun, we've got all kinds of old recordings, it'll be nostalgia central. Happening soon now....