Thursday, February 04, 2010

from Ron's wife February 4

This evening I've been repeating the words to the song that begins with "Great is Thy faithfulness". We have so much to thank our God for as Ron heals, but he will not wake up. Some type of brain test has been done, but we don't have the results. Ron has been free of sedatives since Monday morning. Since he is not awake, he must remain on the ventilator & keep the tube down his throat. Today was his fourth day to receive dialysis. On a few occasions he has opened his eyes, weakly squeezed our hands and nodded his head. This happens for only a few seconds at a time. He must be awake and alert for several hours in order to breath on his own without the oxygen. Please pray that he wakes up and stays awake. Please forward to your respective lists.

Added by a blog contributor — hope it's OK, Debby and John (couldn't embed in the comments):

CeCe Winans recording of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"

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