Saturday, February 14, 2009


Checking in with an update... I can only do one thing at a time well - multitasking causes many divided attention spans with my species.....

Been helping out over at Indigo Society and have gathered a whole new flock of friends there. We were able to help a few genuine Indigo kids before the MySpace Crusaders took over. Now our small eclectic group are on a private BLOG called Indigo Island, into my first love (besides music) - being Metaphysics.

We are I believe - playing the same telepathic drum as the makers of the Crop Circles and have an ongoing telepathic experiment we are trying to document and prove.

So anyway.. I was going to ask about a 2009 reunion - assuming planes still fly and beer is still available.

Are we absurd yet?

♥ Ron Wortham


Fran Bennett said...

Hi Ron -

Nice to see you here. I've always loved that picture.

Where is everybody?

vagabondvet said...

Howdy! I'd be interested in another get together... not sure how the timing would work out, but you've definitely got my attention. I'll keep checking back to see if there's an update.

I'm planning a trip to Texas, Ron... March or April... have a friend in Austin I'm going to visit, and if I come back on the northern route I'll be passing close enough to your place to stop and visit, if you're open for company. I'll email you with developments as plans unfold.

Hey, Fran, good day to ya!


Mariah Fleming said...

Great to hear from you, Ron, and find out what you are up to. It's pretty quiet here without your words of wisdom and wit. You too Daniel and Fran!

I'm all for organizing another get together. Tom Wright offered to help me on this end and this guy can move mountains!

You out of towner's figure out when you might ba able to come to the Valley and I'll contact Kim Moody and we'll go from there. What do you say?

If we can't do it at Alwun we can figure out and alternative. Lots of ideas, just need the the go ahead from y'all.

Peace in the neighborhood! (Pops Staples)

Anonymous said...

INDEED Y'all, lets do get together again and howl up the moon and maybe even conjer down some of Rons rock n roll yeah Ron, they do fly into our AZVortex....

Bob G