Friday, February 27, 2009

The Fillmore on your iPhone

If you've got an iPhone, I recommend the free Wolfgang's Vault app. It puts all the great concert archives available on the Wolfgang's Vault site right there on your little mobile device. And if you don't have one of them, it's worth checking out the website anyway, a depository of all the great music presented by Wolfgang Grajonca (who we remember better as Bill Graham). They've also got posters from all the Fillmore concerts for viewing. Here's one from a Frank Zappa concert. His boy Dweezil brought his "Zappa Plays Zappa" tour to Dodge Theatre last night (anyone catch it?).


Mariah Fleming said...

Best reason to spring for an I Phone yet! Hey, Jimmy, are you up for a reunion?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jimmy, Wolfgangs vault is selling a 4"x4" flyer from a show I did in Denver 68 for Four Hundred plus Bucks !Jeez, thats more dough then we earned all that summer...Check it out under Bob Gately, Where LSD is At...

Yea Mariah, lets do have a Do-Up-Wop soon !

I heard something shocking today, that Prairie Prince passed two day ago...Anybody know it this is for real ??

Hey Tom, Visited with michael Collins today and he asked if I had heard anything about his WEC interview tape..Did you get it or ??

Ron, You look like you just took a Mark Phleps bong hit...Delighted this blog is coming back alive !

Best to all,

Bob Gately

Jimmy said...

Bob - Haven't been able to find any news about Prairie Prince passing (you'd think the alliteration alone would warrant a headline!). Nothing on his website or anything. Hopefully the news has been greatly exaggerated.
And yeah, Mariah, I'm up for a reunion any time. If only to see Russ bust another chair!