Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two completely unrelated posts at once!

(1) By all means, let's have another annual KCAC reunion while the weather is agreeable! There's been a good string of blog entries lately (scroll down through the last few items to see them), so let's go with the momentum and have a party! Mariah is the organization genius here, but I for one publicly volunteer to help in whatever way I can to make it happen.

(2) Andy Hersey is the finest singer/songwriter to emerge from the Grand Canyon State in several decades. There's a terrific interview with him online at, in which he talks about his life and his music and his love for Arizona. If the above link doesn't work, just go to his website at and you can access it from there. Remember John Stewart's "California Bloodlines" album, a KCAC/KDKB favorite? Andy is our modern, home-grown equivalent to John Stewart, with the same sort of range and depth as a songwriter. He's a fine live performer as well. He'll break your heart with a slow sad ballad, kick-start it with a rocker, and send it soaring with his epic tributes to the land and the people of the American Southwest. Please follow the link to the interview and read it all the way through; I think you'll be glad that you did, and please post your response on the blog! Thanks,


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