Friday, October 05, 2007

KCAC Reunion Fever!

Just got an newcomer email from the blog (will post below this) thought it was time to put THE LIST up again. Anyone who wants to see THE LIST with pictures from the KCAC days go to the archives May 22, 2007.

We are gearing up for another KCAC LIVES REUNION at Alwun House!!! "You're Either On the Bus or Off the Bus" to quote Tom Wolfe's cult classic "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" Grab a seat!


Adams, Lynne
Alves, Jack
Apicella, John
Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall Of Fame
Arnold, Linda
Bailey, Jim
Baldwin, Mike
Baldwin, Russ
Beals,Ken (AMEHOF)
Bell, Bob Boze
Bennett, Fran
Bentley, Connie
Bethancourt, Joe
Botkin, Jim
Bowen, Ray
Boyle, Liz (AMEHOF/Radio Free Phoenix)
Bradychocks, Julie
Brazil, Susie (contact Mariah Fleming)
Brown, Rob (
Cahal, John (REBIRTH) (private - contact vagabondvet)
Carroll, Todd
Carter, Marsha
Carver, Sue
Clark, Doug
Collins, Michael
Compton, Bill (R.I.P.)
Compton-Glenn, Carole
Cookenboo, Hank (R.I.P.)
Covington, Dan
Crazy (Jan Isbell)(R.I.P.)
Curry. Robert S.
Curtis, Mike
Davis, Marc (TERROS)
DeGray, Helen
Deerhake, David
Dickinson, Ted
Dixon, John [Johnny D[\] (AMEHOF; KCAC; KDKB)
Drake, George F. (Springfield/Amherst Mass)
Dunn, Bob
Emery, Vince
English, Alton
English, Jerry "Magic"
Fendelman, Jane
Fenimore, David
Flannigan, Julie
Frank, Raman (REBIRTH)
Frank, Gregg (REBIRTH - Contact Bruce Frank)
Friedman, Barry
Frieflander, Karen
Galindo, Alicia
Gant, Pegi {Cookenboo} (KDKB)
Garneau, Larry (REBIRTH)
Garneau, Michelle (REBIRTH) (private - contact vagabondvet)
Gately, Bill (R.I.P.)
Gately, Bob
Geist, Barry (REBIRTH)
Goodman, Mike
Grieger, Kathy (contact through Bruce Frank)
Griffin, Dan
Harris, Ron (Eric) 'Pappa'
Harshberger, Dan
Herbert, Kimmer
Holmes, Chuck
Hoyle, Rich
Johnson, Don
Johnson, June
Johnson, Mike (REBIRTH)
Jones, Scott
Kerr, Jon (KCAC/KDKB) (contact Mariah Fleming)
Kinsey, Gary "Toad Hall" KCAC; KDKB (R.I.P.)
Kinsey, Filipa
Kitchell, Nancy
Kollassa, Mike
Koors, Tim
Kothrade, Michael (REBIRTH)
Lange, Patrick
Lederman, Cindy
Lehr, Bob
Magahern, Jimmy (KCAC LIVES!)
Manning, Marty (KCAC/KDKB)
Martin, Peter
McBroom, Dennis (KDKB)
McCarty, Chris
McCarty, Steve
Meighan, Bob
Mell, Ed
Migdoll, Susan
Moody, Kim (ALWUN HOUSE)
Morrison, Barbara
Murray, Jim
Nadworney, Nina "Nina Joy"
Niccolson, Scott (KCAC/KDKB)
Norton, Virginia
Nussbaum,Belle "Belle Starr"
Nykanan, Mark
Olson, Hans (AMEHOF)
Paceley, Ken
Page, Daniel "vagabondvet" (REBIRTH)
Peterson, Linda (REBIRTH)
Peterson, Marsha
Porter, Sharon Elaine
Powell, Lee
Price, Bill
Pyle, Slagge T. (KDKB)
Radina, Kathy
Robb, Gary (R.I.P.)
Robertson, John (KDKB)
Robinson, Duane (REBIRTH)
Rogers, Bob
Rogers, Rich
Roland. Ed
Schneider, Sue
Shaw, Russell "Wonderful Russ"
Schecter, Eric
Skaggs, Ken - (AMEHOF)
Slagle, Bonnie
Smith, Doug
Smith, Erica
Soderquist, George (R.I.P.)
Soderquist, Skio
Stratton, Ted
Sussman, Terri (AMEHOF)
Sweet, Cheryl
Thomson, Betty
Thomson, Ray (Private - see )
Thompson, Linda
Thrift, Bill (TERROS)
Tindle, Dwight (KDKB FOUNDER) (R.I.P.)
Usry, Kent
Vascocu, Tommy
Wakefield, Ken
Wales, Lissa (R.I.P.)
Whitener, Kasey
Wortham, Ron (KCAC/KDKB)
Wright, Tom
Zelisko, Dan

Please leave a comment to to have information added, updated, edited or deleted. Clicking hyperlinked (underlined) names will launch an email to that person. Have a great day!

If you are an anonymous [new] poster or reader with memories, tapes, pictures, wine, food, love and would like to be added to The List, please drop a line to to be added. You can email your contribution or inquiry the first time and we will send you an invitation to join the conversation with our merry band of regular posters. All you need is a memory, picture, tape or hug - to share.

The List has become a reference point for memories and emails to old friends. It also has become kind of a Social Register and will be something of a reference list for reunions and such in the future. Not only that, SOMEONE - maybe someone special from the old days, MAY be trying to find YOU.


Mariah Fleming said...


I couldn't find your comment ("Poser or Poet" must be way back in the Archives) so I am reposting it here so all can read it!

Papagp Park and Squaw Peak are still here and lots of folks have memories of them and the window at Tower Plaza where we watched KCAC Broadcast. Go back through the archives, it's an amazing walk back in time! Keep writing!
"wieexThis is so amazing. I googled kcac thinking i might just find something. I was 11 years old in 1969 and used to listen to it all the time .There hasn't been a station that good that i have ever found since.There is a pretty good one here kexp (Seattle) but not like kcac, truly commercial free and non biased. geeze guess that's why it didn't last long.

I grew up in Scottsdale and now live in WA state.My husband is from the bay area and i kept trying to explain that station to him. He wasn't into that kind of thing at 11..heh heh (we are the same age), but later he became an amazing guitar player and bassist. I also used to hang out at tower plaza where it broadcasted from, and ice skate there alot. I'd walk by the dj booth which was visable from the street.

This is so cool...does anyone remember Papago park and Squaw Peak?? I would LOVE to do a documentary about kcac. Has anyone done one yet...I'm Cammie Noel

P.S Hmmm..FYI my last comment begins with a strange word...wieex. I am not an alien nor do i speak a strange languague LOL! (well not most of the time) That was my word verification that it asked me for.wieex! That is a first! I've never had that happen before!!(Anywhere)

Cammie Noel

Tom Wright said...

Hello Cammie -

I grew up in Scottsdale, too - Kiva Elementary School and Saguaro High, Class of '73. Now I live in Tempe. I'm fascinated by your comment that you'd love to do a documentary about KCAC... it just so happens that several of us bloggers here in the Phoenix area have been collecting old tapes, newspaper articles, and whatever else we can find from KCAC and the early days of KDKB. In other words, we've been assembling an archive perfectly suited for use by a documentarian! (Some of the tapes are available as streaming or downloadable files here on the blog.) So, by all means, stay in touch with us and let us know if you're interested in pursuing this idea!


Marty said...

Well, I'm a little befuddled here. Cammie remembers KCAC as commercial free, by which I'm sure she refers to the "Free-sprited" nature of KCAC. There were of course commercials on KCAC, even in the Wallich's Music City showroom window days. In fact I did my first commercials in that studio in 1969.
And I can still hear Ron Wortham uttering those immortal words "Love can set you free if you're lonely .. music can set you free if you're confused .. but only Dick Garcia Bail Bonds can set you free if you get busted" In fact, most of us back then did get busted at one time or another, and Dick Garcia Bail Bonds did in fact set us free .. I'm guessing that Cammie's selective amnesia stems from the fact that at age 11 she had not yet developed a need for Dick Garcia's services. On a serious note, it was not a lack of commercial success that caused the demise (or perhaps evolution is a better term) of KCAC. The underlying financial stress came from the debt load of a previous format (Spanish) and in fact, operating in the protective world of Chapter 11 receivership we were actually doing quite well at the end. The ratings were good, especially for a puny 500 watt daytime AM station, and we were all getting paid and no longer depended on our $1 per diem at Henry's Hamburgers next door to the 5th Avenue & Camelback location. We had a good sales staff, and a loyal audience that eagerly patronized any business that advertised with us (see Dick Garcia). Luckily for us, and for our audience, Dwight Tindle and KDKB materialized just as the decision was made by the receiver to sell KCAC to Golden West Christian Broadcasting.
The really amazing thing is that Cammie appreciated KCAC for what it was at age 11. My hats off to you Cammie! (And by the way, I bought that hat at the Clotherie, which I heard about in an ad on KCAC .... ok, that's a lie .. I used to do the ads for the Clotherie, where they had "boots, belts, hats, and cologne . and friendly people so you won't feel alone .."
Thanks for listening.

Mariah Fleming said...

Well Marty,
You are a gem! I laughed out loud as I usually do when you wax nostalgic about your pioneering KCAC days. So did you guys get a discount at Garcia's Bail Bonds?! And who wrote that copy?

So, "....we were all getting paid and no longer depended on our $1 per diem at Henry's Hamburgers next door to the 5th Avenue & Camelback location" eh? So what could you get at ol' Henry's for a dollar? Were the burgers as good as the ones at the University Drive In on Apache and Rural in Tempe were (drive up windows, intercoms a la the drive in movies, and perky waitresses to boot) Remember that place?!

I was in high school when the station was on Camelback and lived around the corner from it. My stand out memory is the day someone ripped off all of your albums and the station STAYED on the air with an appeal to listeners to borrow OUR albums.

Do you remember who first walked in there to discover the ripped off library? And who was first to announce it on the air? And how DID you all cope without cell phones to alert the staff ("can you hear me now, man?!? Crap! I'll text it to you!") I distinctly recall picking out 20 or so albums and driving my beat up blue Datsun (in the days of 'you drive a what??") over to the station with my humble bounty.

If memory serves (ask me what I did last week and I won't know but decades ago is a snap!) included in my stash were Pentangle, Richard and Mimi Farina, Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell, Fairport Convention, Lee Michaels, Fred Neil, Fleetwood Mac pre-Buckingham and Nicks, Steeleye Span, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and the lp "Me and My Arrow" (Harry Nillson's score for an animated film with a character named "Oblio" I think. Marty, do you remember what that was called?)

I put my initials on all the lps at KCAC staff's insistence and I got them all back!! I never had any doubt that I would and I'm sure no one else did either. I still have 'em on my sagging album shelves. I can't part with all my old stuff. Thank God the turntable has made a reappearance. Mine needs a new needle no doubt!

Paradigm shift: Last night in the car we noticed that on most of the stations, the name of the singer and the song came up while the song was playing. Aaack! Marketing gone amock! We expected to look out the window and see a horned gremlin on the hood laughing maniacally.

There's probably some hidden ratings keeper that goes directly back to those stations. I guess they don't have to worry about losing their library of music since it's all satellite fed...

Fran Bennett said...

I could listen to Marty tell these stories all day. In fact, if memory serves, KCAC even showed up once or twice in the night-time ratings...when it was off the air...loyal listeners with Arbitron diaries trying to make a point no doubt:)

Mariah, the album to which you refer was Harry Nillson's "The Point" featuring the young roundheaded outcast Oblio and his dog, Arrow.

Marty said...

First of all Mariah, thanks for laughing! And that short term vs long term memory thing is common to all of us of a certain (or uncertain) age. We're becoming the stereotypical oldsters. Let's just hope that our endless retelling of ancient tales remains interesting to someone.
As to your LPs .. first of all the selections stamp you as a hopeless folkie (fine with me!) but I question the presence of Buckingham/Nicks and The Point in that grouping. I think they came a bit later. The robbery was approx 1970, so I'll let you do the research. That was a magical time though, in the sense of community that was exhibited as a result of the theft. You were one of many listeners who brought us their record collections. Charlie Buzzard (who started what now is KJZZ at Phx College in the late 60s) donated an ancient tape cart system that had originally belonged to Channel 12. I'll post a photo if I can. We lost all our cart machines and turntables in addition to the records. Microphones too. And we were on the air the next day! Sometimes the effect of evil is to create more good. Gotta love it when that happens.
As for Henry's, in those days $1 would get you a burger and a Coke, which could keep you alive for a while. And here's a funny note .. anybody remember Skip who lived in the little shed behind the station on Camelback? Where was he that night? Hmmm.....

Fran Bennett said...

He called himself "Skip the Flip". What a wreck.

I pulled out my 37 year old copy of "The Point" and saw the following credit, "Album designed by Dean O. Torrence/Kittyhawk Graphics. Needlepoint by Kathy Torrence". (yes THAT Dean Torrence)

The animated film to which Marty referred is available on Amazon and I vividly recall the narrator was voiced by Ringo Starr. All God's chillin should have a copy of this.

As Firesign Theater famously said, "It's so nice to have someone my own age to talk to after all these years". Gawd, I love these exchanges...too sweet:)

Mariah Fleming said...

Yes I will check the dates on those lps...and I confess to being an itinerant folkie who hung out and sung at The Muse (remember that?) and I was also crazy about Hedge and Donna (remember them?!) Richie Havens, and some redheaded blues singer (pre Bonnie Raitt) the Beatles, Dan Hicks, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Buddy Guy, Muddy, Miles, Langston Hughes and Gil Scott Heron to name a few. How I wound up in a 5 piece rock band (Dirty Pearl) that got on the AZ Sounds lp I"ll never know, but it was sure fun! Made me really bow down to the likes of Chrissie Hynde...them rock and roll vocals ain't a piece of cake.

Wow, backwards on the yellow brick road! Good ol' Charles Buzzard! He was my radio and advertising instructor at PC, of course all the stuff I learned in now beyond obsolete. I recall him encouraging me to focus my 'talents' on advertising, writing and doing voice overs. When he showed us the film of the 7 UP commercial that cost a gazillion bucks and cut a deep swath through the Sand Dunes in Yuma, my inner hippie freaked out.

I shoulda written a folk song about it. HA! In any event I ignored him in favor of 'something to fall back on" advice I would never have given kids of my own (I hope!) Once in awhile Andy plays some of the Love Workshop stuff I did for Russ and Tod-when I hear myself it blows my mind. I sounded so young and SWEET. In bizarre contrast to the shameless sperm hawking and feminist-baiting I did in the ads.

I'm with Fran. I will never get bored hearing your stories. I wish you'd write a book - when you retire maybe? (still being one of the busiest and most beloved guys in radio!) You go, Marty! The luck of the Irish seems to have always been with you! Keep making us laugh!

Tom Wright said...

So many great memories... so much extraordinary music... yet what really grabs my attention, in the above posts, is Marty's mention of a hamburger and a Coke for $1 at Henry's. God, those WERE the good old days!

Anybody else remember the Ranch House in Scottsdale, a tiny shack on Indian School Road just west of Scottsdale Road, across the street from Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor? I practically grew up at the Ranch House: burgers for 25 cents, served up by a middle-aged woman and her ancient, wizened mother, who did the cooking. You ordered at a narrow counter (the menu was in chalk on a huge blackboard), then you ate out back on a picnic table under an olive tree. The place was torn down sometime in the 1970s. I wonder what ever became of those two women.

I'll never forget those mid-1960s summers in Scottsdale: cheap burgers at the Ranch House; the library and the public swimming pool a few blocks to the east; the Kachina Theater with its huge Cinerama screen a few blocks to the north; the wax museum over on 5th Avenue, with its life-size figures of the Beatles and a wax Jack Ruby shooting a wax Oswald; Lutes Drug Store with its old-fashioned soda fountain and home-made pies; Thiese's Bakery with its fresh bread and cinnamon rolls; the wonderfully kitschy Basket House at Main and Brown; and of course Farrell's and the Baskin Robbins and the Dairy Queen and the A&W Root Beer Stand. On hot days (which were pretty much every day of summer vacation) my friends and I would hop on our bicycles and spend all our time touring Scottsdale's air-conditioned cultural and culinary delights, with the Ranch House and its 25-cent burgers always on the itinerary.

Well, Marty, I hope you're happy. One little mention of a burger and a Coke and you've got me wallowing in nostalgia for my lost childhood.


Marty said...

Ok Tom, we'll all get together for a Zoo at Farrell's sometime. in fact my wife Wendy used to work at a Farrell's in LA and old KDKB listeners will remember the Love Workshop where the FBI (CIA?) sent men on a mission to dive bomb a Farrells in Fresno (?) which of course was based on a real life incident. Those boys never pulled any possible comedic punches.

Mariah .. I have a CD of the Point and will gladly make you a copy. Thanks Fran for the Dean & Kitty Torrance reference. I knew that but couldn't remember it (Senior moment) By the way, the father/narrator in the original was Dustin Hoffman. In later releases he was replaced by Alan Thicke, then someone else, and lastly Ringo. On the CD Harry did the narration hyimself. By the way, my favorite Nilsson is still Nilsson Sings Newman. And Mariah, I once got to introduce Phil Ochs at a concert in the Brophy gym, and I met Mimi Farina outside Union Hall one nite. Also, I remember a concert with Lee Michaels & Poco in the exhibit building at the state fairgrounds.
For photos of that and other historic Phoenix concerts go to
It was Hedge & Donna Capers (sp) and maybe that was Karen Dalton you're thinging of who was a protege of Fred Neil, which of course ties us back to Nilsson. She did a great version of Can't Find My Way Home.
And how did I miss the Ranch House?
(note to Tom: I found the cables .. can more historic recordings be far behind?)

Anonymous said...

"I once got to introduce Phil Ochs at a concert in the Brophy gym, and I met Mimi Farina outside Union Hall one nite. Also, I remember a concert with Lee Michaels & Poco in the exhibit building at the state fairgrounds."

Ever make it to the Jethro Tull concert at the Phoenix College Gymnasium ? Ticket prices 'bout $2.50...

Tom Wright said...

Nope... but I saw them at the Coliseum on 6/27/72, during the "Passion Play" tour - not their best period. I still say that "Stand Up' is one of the finest neglected albums of the late 60's, but as far as I'm concerned they went downhill pretty quickly when their original bassist and drummer left, right around the time of "Aqualung." As is so often the case with once-great bands, the founding rhythm section was key to their sound. When they were fired (or quit, depending on who you believe), they were replaced by generic professionals and all the energy drained right out of their music. Tull became merely a backing band for whatever Ian Anderson decided to do next. For a taste of them in their prime, check out the DVD "Nothing is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970," which contains a brief but astonishing show by the original line-up.

joecat said...

I do recall the blue goat pub both old and new on Scottsdale blvd. Used to see Hans Olsen there if I am not mistaking. Also many thursday nights 10cent drink night at Bluegrass Country. Tim Charters and his band attempting to play music...
And Beatle night Wednesdays at David Dodt's Lonnegans..lost many brain cells there...
Wasn't there a pizza farros on the southwest corner of 44th and Camelback in the 70's? I seem to remember that wast the 1st time I ate pissa with a knife and fork?