Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wonderful Russ Interview

Derrick Bostrom did an interview with Wonderful Russ and got him reminiscing about all kinds of stuff. Click here to read. Here's Derrick's summary:

"In this exclusive interview, Phoenix broadcasting legend and real estate celebrity “Wonderful” Russ Shaw reminisces about “Love Workshop,” the comedy show he co-created in 1976 with Tod Carroll for the progressive rock station KDKB-FM. He also shares stories about the early days of free-form radio in Phoenix and the various local luminaries he met along the way. he also talks about pirate radio, doing stand-up and selling houses.

Non-Phoenicians who maintain enough interest to keep reading this rather long interview to the end might gain context from this article about KDKB radio, as well as the KCAC Lives! blog, where surviving staff and fans share their memories of KDKB’s predecessor, the short-lived KCAC-AM. Honorable mention must also be made of the online station Radio Free Phoenix, Andy Olson’s tribute to the classic progressive radio format of the seventies, and KDIL-FM 666, the home of Phoenix’s infamous pirate station. Meanwhile, you can dig Russ firsthand on the Bloodhound Blog, which is predominantly - but not solely — about his adventures in the real estate trade.

And don’t forget Bostworld’s own “Love Workshop” page, which collects all of our content about this historic and awesome program, including rare scans and many hours of audio."

Thanks, Derrick!


joecat said...

high wonderful
hope you are

joecat said...

What happened to the love workshop links? Did I miss a memo?

Lowell said...

Joecat; the workshop links are in the August archives, at the bottome of the page

Derrick said...

No, they're at the top of the page, where it says "Love Workshop."

Anonymous said...

And how can we forget the "Wonderful" voiceover for the Discount Tire tv spot that is now in the Guiness Book of World Records :

How did they manage to pick Russ for this ?
Envious of his KDKB Leppla Moving & Storage stuff ??
Works Cheap ???

Lowell said...

Dear Anoymous

Thanks for that link. I saw that ad on TV just the other night and mentioned to my wife that we first saw it in 1978 when we moved to Arizona, and that it must be one of the longest running TV commercials ever.

I was not aware that Wonderful Russ did the voice over. I watched the ad again at the URL link you provided, and still didn't recognize his voice.

That is one great TV commerical! Thanks again for the link.