Thursday, September 06, 2007

Edge of Sixty

In honor of Arizona's own Stevie Nicks turning 60 next May, why not enjoy some Fleetwood Mac tunes as played by a classical string quartet? Usually these "classical tributes" to various rock bands don't work, but these arrangements from the Vitamin String Quartet, who've apparently done 232 such albums, somehow do. (I think these particular tracks are all Lindsey Buckingham compositions, but of course, they're all about Stevie.)

While you're listening, check out the "My Stevie Room" gallery on Stevie's own Website, where the Gold Dust Woman's most crazed fans have erected elaborate Stevie shrines (see above sample). I'm sure many of these fans are hitting the big 6-0 themselves. Stand back!

“The Chain” (mp3)

“Secondhand News” (mp3)

“Go Your Own Way” (mp3)

(Thanks to the music blog, “This Recording”)


Mariah Fleming said...

Stevie Nicks is being inducted into the Az Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame on Sept 23, 2007 at the Dodge Theatre. For info go to

Alex Carnevale said...

Please don't directly link to my mp3s. Bandwidth is expensive, and it's not cool.

Jimmy said...

Sorry 'bout that, Alex. Wasn't thinking about how this all works. I'll fix the links now.