Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hey World! We're Not Just Nostalgia!!

That's right! Imagine, you can see a big story about the moods and music of the 70's and you don't have to make a pledge for a tote bag!! Well it's true! All you've gotta do is get out your glasses and go find the December issue of Phoenix Magazine (I got mine at Walgreens at 2 am! A good story all by itself!) The magazine is a little tardy in giving a nod to the subculture(d) but nonetheless, for them, it's hot off the presses!! And it's a cover story no less.

It's about Bill Compton and almost all things 1970's. In the magazine aisle, just look for a bright yellow cover with a smiley face on the Dec issue. Don't think about the guy in that era who came up with the "Smiley Face" and reportedly never made a dime. Just marvel at the seriously cool pictures that depict the Valley of the Sun in those days. They're accurate. Thank God they didn't find one of me.

For instance there's Bill Thompson no doubt leering at Mary Jo West, the first woman anchor in Phoenix. It was probably taken her second or third night on the air when he asked her to show him her appendix scar. Was the patriarchal news gang at CBS in tune with the times or what??

The 70's story includes much on people who were honored at the first AZ Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame induction ceremony this last April. There's Wallace, Ladmo and Gerald of course. And some very interesting reporting on the KBKD heyday and Bill Compton. Anybody remember Belle Starr? Who knew??

Now's our chance! Let's start our own "We're Not Just Nostalgia!" movement. Read the article, and send lots of letters to the editor at Phoenix Magazine letting 'em know that Radio Free Phoenix thrives and KCAC Lives! Those times are alive and well (and newsworthy too.) Remember campers, we were all about "Just Do It" before it was a tennis shoe logo!! Are you with me?
Radio Free Phoenix

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