Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Lefsetz Letter

It's hard to find people anywhere on the radio who still remember vinyl, the feel of album jackets and the anticipation of getting home to play a new album on the record player, not just sliding the shiny little disk into the car's CD player as soon as you get out of Best Buy.
That's why it was fun to discover Bob Lefsetz's podcast on the Rhino Records site. He's a funny, opinionated guy whose rambling recollections about his favorite albums and artists remind me a little bit of Toad Hall. He manages to push his musical tastes on you in a way you don't mind, and may actually have you coming back the next week for more.
Here's Lefsetz after playing some of his favorite Little Feat tracks: "This is exactly like it was in college. If you came to my house, I would drop the needle on the record - this was in the days of vinyl - and I would make you sit there and listen to these tracks. Little Feat's are not the type of records that you play in the background and people say, 'Oh, this is phenomenal.' You either force people to listen to it, and force them to get into it, or else they find out about it independently, and you run into them and you're soul mates."
The Lefsetz Letter is a podcast I'd be inclined to force someone who misses the kind of radio voices we celebrate on this page to listen to as well.

The Rhino podcasts are available here: http://www.rhino.com/rzine/rhinocasts/
The one on Lefsetz reviewing a recent Eagles concert (Rhinocast 007) is a good place to start.

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Mariah Fleming said...

Cool! What a find! Thanks!