Wednesday, August 10, 2005

RFP forums: radio-active!

If this blog just ain't active enough for frequent visitors, I encourage y'all to head on over to the Radio Free Phoenix forums. What started out small has already grown into a very active community. Check it out, and join in a discussion!


Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Jimmy,
Thanks for mentioning the RFP Forum. They have worked hard on it and it's cool to see it getting such good response.

One of the coolest things about RFP is that listener participation is truly encouraged! They listen to us, we listen to them and we all like it that way! What a concept, huh?

I mention your KCAC blog from time to time...between the two sites maybe we can start a revolution (o:

Liz Boyle said...

Check out the Radio Free Forum page for a nice piece from former KDKB morning man Bill Andres !