Monday, August 08, 2005

Music Industry Pitches in for Lissa Wales-is Bill watching?

KCAC blog friends;
Anyone who loved KCAC, Bill Compton, and his legacy in Phoenix radio, knows that Bill had extraordinary compassion. He helped people and touched countless lives (witness this web site, and his April Induction into AMEHOF.) We recently passed the anniversary of his death as noted in the beautiful tribute written here by Ron Wortham. Bill's spirit lives on in many ways. As Emerson wrote: "The only worthwhile soul is the active soul." If you would like to honor Bill's memory in a special way, you can help transform the life of his very dear friend Lissa Wales.

To those of you who have asked about donating to a fund for Lissa, I'm happy to pass on the following information from Andy Doerschuk, Editor of DRUM! MAGAZINE and Morgan Rose, Drummer from Sevendust. They are busy marshalling forces to help Lissa's recovery.
Those who know Lissa have been touched by her humanity. But even those that never met her have been touched by her artistry. Take it from us – we've never known anybody who deserves help more than Lissa does right now. We have created the LISSA WALES FUND so that Lissa can concentrate all of her energy on recovery without worrying about paying bills. We invite you to contribute whatever you can at this pivotal moment. Whether you can spare $20 or $20,000, we ask that you respond as quickly as possible. HOW TO GIVE: Make checks payable to: LISSA WALES FUND and send them to DRUM! Magazine, 395 East Taylor St., Suite 215, San Jose, CA 95112 – Attn: Connie Hood. Or wire transfer funds to Wells Fargo Account #7140221818; account name is "Enter Music Publishing Inc. Lissa Wales Fund," ABA routing number 121-000-248.
Andy Doerschuk, Editor; DRUM! Magazine
Morgan Rose, Drummer; Sevendust

P.S. Lissa still needs your thoughts, prayers and positive thoughts. To those of you who have already left a message for Lissa at her "caringbridge(dot)org" site (enter "lissawales") thank you! Lissa reads them all and they help give her enormous courage and strength. After Lissa's second bone marrow transplant in June, she stunned her doctors by doing so well they cut her 10 week post transplant hospital stay. She now continues her year long recovery process. Thanks. Mariah


Jimmy said...

Song of the Week is dedicated to this rock 'n roll woman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help with all things relating to Lissa-Lissa's photo looks great!! She's doing great too! Just gonna be a long haul recovering but she'll do it.
Radio Free Phoenix