Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wallace Lives!

I'm so sorry to hear about Bob Gately's loss. What a character, what a life!

Anybody who has been around Phoenix long enough to remember KCAC will certainly remember Wallace & Ladmo as well. Ladmo has moved on to that great comedy gig in the sky, but Wallace is still very much with us. He will be making a rare public appearance (possibly his last) at a special tribute at the Tempe History Museum, southwest corner of Rural and Southern, next Saturday, August 7th, at 7 PM. Come on out and let's show our love for this man who has given us so many laughs, see clips of vintage episodes, and maybe even win a Ladmo bag! I'm attempting to add a link to the flyer for this event, but if it doesn't work just cut-and-paste this into your browser:


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Chris101 said...

I was driving west on Indian School with my 12 year old in the back seat. He's a rocker, even at 12, K?

As we drove thhrough the 48th street intersection, after visiting the "Arizona Falls" dam, I told him, that the street to the south of the intersection was known as the "William Edward Compton Memorial Gulch".

"Why?" he asked.

"He was one of the founders of Phoenix, who died when he fell into a deep gulch here."