Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ron update...

Hi Again! I talked briefly with Ron yesterday. His first words were, "I'm alive!"... a good start. Our conversation was very short as his energy and stamina levels are about zip right now. According to his wife, Ron has had more than one back injury/difficulty in his history, leaving his spine in shaky shape at best. Apparently it just gave out one night a month or so ago, leaving him without feeling below the waist. He had surgery (laminectomy) that is supposed to relieve pressure on some of the spinal nerves and is currently at a rehab center recovering and undergoing physical therapy. For the foreseeable future it looks like he'll be confined to a wheel chair. He's very weak right now so even sitting up in bed is difficult, which is to say, direct communication with him is on hold for this moment. His wife said they hope to take him home (Ft. Worth) around the 23rd of this month. I'll continue to post any updated information here.
Mariah, thanks for the Facebook thing.
Love to All... John Robertson


Fran Bennett said...

Please keep us posted John. I just checked the blog for the first time in a while and was disturbed to find your posting. I'll check back frequently now.

What's the latest? And what is "The Facebook Thing?" Does the KCAC crowd have an FB presence?

John Robertson said...

I'll be checking up on Ron again in the next days and will definitely keep you up to date here.
Ron has a page on FB and, according to Moriah, so do most of the KCAC folks.