Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hidden Between the Lines

Wow, I found a post from someone I was good friends with for many years tucked away back around July 10. Lots of you probably know him too....Michael Schwartz. Radio and engineering guy. So bummed I haven't kept up and I hope he checks back in! Seeing his post led me to ponder how many of us may be missing posts and losing an opportunity to reconnect?

OK, I know it's hot as the devil here but maybe we can all plunge into some cold water, shake it off, and start posting on our KCAC Lives blog again! I've been SO bad about keeping up with this blog in the last year or so. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Myspace etc. I'm more at home off the beaten path. However, at Liz, Ron and Jimmy's nudging I finally broke down and joined Facebook. It IS fun and convenient, and cool so many of us are on there too, but let's not forget KCAC Lives!


Anonymous said...

like wise... tryin to keep up but... know this, I'm with you in spirit even if i can't connect at the moment, oops, just connected... think one man's armageden could be another mans rapture...ummm, or 'vice a versa'
anyway hope to be on the team with ya'll... see ya all at the
big party.
From the BoZone

vagabondvet said...

Howdy! Me too! Busy, that is. I do check in here once in a while, though, to see what's new. I don't do most of the usual social networking sites, found them to be much too time-consuming for me, I tend to get sucked in. Also I'm sort of a hermit, so do much better with substantial periods of solitude. Medical problems, both physical and mental, have plagued me this year, and that's kept me out of the loop a lot too. I've broken down and gotten involved with one online community, however, a medical marijuana support group, more like a big extended family. It's a nice group of people, fairly diverse, and it's been keeping me pretty busy - I recently accepted a position as a site administrator, so now I'm even more busy! I used to have a MySpace page, and a Facebook page, and some others, but had to cancel them because I couldn't handle the heat. Had to get out of the kitchen! Hahaha! But I appreciate the advantages in networking such sites offer, and in a way I envy those who can take the heat and enjoy the rewards. Wishin' everyone a peaceful healthy summer and fall. Love to all...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mariah! I am on facebook too. See you there! Looking forward to getting back in touch. Peace!