Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Jimmy,
Thank you for posting your comments and that old cover. Seeing the cover brings so back many memories. I truly realized the breadth of Michael Jackson's magic in 1983 In Brussels, Belgium, on a quiet Sunday night while I was there touring with a band.

A huge screen had been set up in the Brussels town square. We hung around to find out why what seemed like a city full of people had converged there. It was an astonishing scene.
Young and old were there; parents clutching toddler's hands; people pouring out of bars and cafes; townspeople who had left their warm homes to bundle up and watch whatever was going to happen on that enormous screen.

All of a sudden, a bigger than life Michael Jackson appeared on screen, his glittered figure dancing remarkable steps in a blaze of energy while he sang his heart out. Not for one second did he appear breathless or hesitating. It was as if his soul was exploding through his voice, animating his steps, reverberating through the square, filling people with joy.

We were witnessing (not just watching) Michael Jackson's new video. ('Thriller', I think) His music had enticed all those people out on a cold night to be part of the magic that could only be, and will forever only be, Michael Jackson.

Let's hope Michael Jackson will be remembered for moments like that one; for being a meteoric young star whose talent earned him iconic status; for having indelible musical gifts that will continue to spark a sense of unmatched wonder for generations to come.

Let's hope Michael Jackson will be remembered for these things, and not as a 'curiosity' whose troubled life will be used as eternal fodder for the 24 hour news cycle.

Jimmy said...

Amen. Mariah!

vagabondvet said...

I'll give my respect, and join you in honoring Michael for his incredible creative genius. I was never that big a fan, as Michael's work always seemed a bit too edgy for my personal taste - but I liked some of it very much, and was always in awe of his gifts for music, dance, and showmanship. He truly did have a huge impact on our music and culture.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Daniel...
Yeah, he really had something magical. I don't own any of his albums as of yet, but "Off the Wall" was my favorite. And I will never forget that night in Brussels.

It's sad for him and his kids that his life was so short. I read that he was excited to do this tour b/c it was the first time his kids would have seen him perform live.

"Life is a gift, and the greatest sin is to leave it unopened." (or cut it short b/c some twisted, unscrupulous doctors valued his money while Jackson thought they gave a damn about his life.)