Saturday, April 04, 2009


He was born in 1934. That makes him a 74 year-old man. Right? Wrong Leonard Cohen is a young man..... tineless really, who has lived 74 years, so far.

NOTABLE QUOTES AND COMMENTS: "This is my first tour in fifteen years. I was 60 then - just a starry-eyed kid with a dream". "You came to my bed this morning and handled me like a piece of meat. You'd have to be a man to understand how good that feels".

Intimacy is the keynot of the Cohen. The first half of the show is spellbinding. The second half of the show is enchanting, something you SHARE. The THIRD HALF of the show is for Leonard and the band. If you're paying attentioin, they LOVE to perform - they are Masters at what they do. Three singers, about five multi-talented musicians and The Old Man in a Fedora, kneeling in prayer as he sings, much of the time.

Then suddenly he becomes a Marrionette. He is all over the stage like a Wood Nymph. Leonard Cohen is right up there with Mick Jagger in his moves.

He is free.

It was worth a week's pay and $15.00 parking. What the hell. It's a once in a lifetime experience.

So far.



Marty said...

Beautifully put, Mr W. I would love to sit in a room with you and L. Cohen sometime. Wendy & I saw the show in Phx Sunday nite and had the good fortune to sit in the second row at the Dodge. It was almost like being on stage. I called my son Coleman, who also loves Leonard and told him, do whatever you have to do to be at his show in your area (Maryland)

Tom Wright said...

I was also there at the Sunday evening show in Phoenix. I hope we're all doing half as well as L. Cohen when we hit 75. Amazing to see Mr. Doom-and-Gloom himself dancing, skipping around the stage, dropping to his knees for dramatic effect, and cracking jokes in between the songs. Best concert I've seen in decades.