Thursday, September 18, 2008

Contact me for copies of the KCAC tapes

I have finally digitized and mastered the amazing collection of KCAC tapes provided by Jeff and Jennifer Crawford. The total run time is about 55 hours, and thanks to the miracles of modern technology the whole collection fits on a single DVD-R readable on any computer. This is too wonderful not to share, so contact me off-blog at twright1955[at]yahoo[dot]com and I'll send a copy to anybody who requests one. (One copy each, please!)

The following caveats apply: sound quality is highly variable and often quite poor; the tapes are not well-cataloged (although I can provide a preliminary list of highlights); the taper made frequent, irritating stops and starts; the tapes are almost all public affairs programing and commercials (there is very little music, and most of the songs are incomplete); there are several hours of non-KCAC audio that I did not edit out; and at 55 hours there is a LOT of material to wade through and there are certainly some dull patches. But it is an amazing trip back into a different time, and a great way to visit with old friends like Bill Compton, Marty Manning, Toad Hall, Hank Cookenboo, Eric Harris, Steve Zind, and many others.

Thanks again to the Crawfords for making this all possible!


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vagabondvet said...

Wow. Epic. That's impressive, Tom, many thanks for your dedication. By the way, I modified your email address so the spam address harvester bots won't be able to grab it and add you to their lists; readers should be able to figure out that [at] and [dot] need to be replaced with an ampersand and a period. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, sir.