Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Night of "Playing Real Good for Free" (bow to Joni!)

Come and experience the rebirth of Music Night at Changing Hands. Hosted by Pinna Joseph who began the monthly tradition 30 years ago at their original Mill Avenue store (before poor Mill Ave got franchised to death) it has been many years since they’ve done one. It's a great way to hear some interesting music and connect with the music community.

A group of musicians will do mini-sets between 8:30 and 10:30 PM and I'll be among them. Haven't done a solo acoustic set in a LONG time. There are sure to be a lot of original songs performed that evening. These music nights traditionally were wonderful and nurtured some up and coming Arizona acoustic acts from blues to folk to jazz spanning several decades. Come on out and support this community music event!! Hey, what the heck! Bring the family!

Music Night 4/18/08

8:30 Mark Saylors “Locopelli” – Native American flutes

8:40 Tom Kruck – Guitar & Harmonica – “The Lost Freight Train”

8:50 William Love – Acoustic Guitar

9:00 “Black Velvet Band” - Five women playing Celtic music - from Tempe

9:10 Dennis Yee & Pinna Joseph – Cello & Voice

9:20 Tony Berardi - spontaneous improvisation with vocals & percussion

9:30 break

9:40 Korri Bernstein – Acoustic guitar / original songs

9:50 Mariah Fleming – guitar & voice - the original 'Anachronymph' Mariah does originals &

10:00 Chris Burton Jacome – flamenco guitarist

10:10 Aleah Shaye – acoustic contemporary folk/blues

10:20 Call & Response Chanting with Pinna (for all to join in)

10:30 Short Jam - if time permits

For more info call Changing Hands 480 730 0205 (McClintock and Guadalupe on SW corner across from Trader Joe’s)

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