Monday, April 11, 2005

The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

We're excited about seeing a strong representation of the KCAC/original KDKB contingent at the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this Sunday. Andy, Cheryl and I will be so looking forward to seeing you ! All of you on the Ron Wortham email chain, you Compton cohorts, please know that you will also be honored that night, in the hearts of your fans.
-Liz Boyle

4 comments: said...

Russ and Danny Zelisko are going to be there and a few others within driving distance. I would have made plans to be there if someone had given me a ticket on SW airlines from DFW. Heck, a motorcycle would do. As it is, I have to sit here strung out on good music and bad food. is a groove to hear Liz. Congrats to you, Andy, Lee and everyone!

Bury me with my headphones on!

Wonderful Russ said...

I will be there Sunday. If there is anyone on this list who isn't able to attend but would like me to "say hello to everyone" for you - just say so. In fact, Lee Powell and I are going to ride down to the Dodge Theater together in my car with the top down. So I can get a running start on "saying hello to everyone" for you by telling Lee YOU said, "Hello Lee".

vagabondvet said...

Yes. Wonderful Russ, please, say "Howdy!" to everyone for me! Thanks!
And... my old and now defunct email address is somehow still in this mailing list - KCAC/KDKB/RFPhx Daniel (Rebirth) - please remove that one from your address books, you'll just get an "undeliverable" error message anyway, but keep the one at Thanks again.
I sure hope you all have a good time...

wonderful russ said...


Thanks for the response. Starting with the people on THIS email: HELLO FROM DANIEL! Repeat, Daniel says HOWDY!

He misses you and thinks of you often and he would love to hear from you. Write or call Daniel now.