Monday, September 04, 2006


Thanks to all who are keeping this alive! Especially to Jimmy for having started it in the first place and to Ron Wortham for sending the various emails, etc. I just finished reviewing all the various photos and comments and it brought back some nice warm memories.


P.S. found this via a Google search and decided to post it. :-)

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Neat post you did there! As you can tell there is some kind of conspiracy going on here, possibly having to do with turning Johnny D and his collection of broadcast artifacts into an institutionalized trusteeship or something.

Everything being shared here is being SHARED but I could see Johnny D with a shotgun standing guard over all this stuff, burning copies of choice KCAC/KDKB audio, printting pictures and posters and otherwise being gainfully employed at a museum somewhere.

Heck, you and I could help out part-time and maybe even launch a meaningless radio show to be played over The Internet. Silly idea I know but hell I'll do most anything for a few drugs. Got any blood pressure pills?

It is good to see you and share Karma once again, like we did on the bridge at Papago Park. Huge disturbances in The Force are possible, Luke.


Bob Gately said...

Well said, Ron, Johnny D needs a No Hassle Listing...A piece of real estate where he can feel secure to deposit his vast an importent collection of our historical legacy...Spoke with John D over the weekend and he is...whats the word, sagacious, penetrating, intelligent, a keen perception
and sound judgement on where his/our awesome archive are suppose to land. AMEHOF is still young and un-proven. Why is it that Hans an Marshall bailed from this organization ? In-security, perhaps ? The word, security in my Websters means, "Something held to benefit another"...Who are those, "an-others" but us with the loot that will make our past matter to those future kid's that have the heart to dig deeper into the fact of where they/us are comming from.

You want drugs, Ron ? Opium? OtherPeoplesMoney ?...Go ask Alice, Wonderful...when she was ten feet tall....Stand up, Speak to Power an Less...Some furturist said in Wired, "Give away the content, sell em the art-e-fact". Something Made by Man/Woman that counts, in time as the art of the time. Are we indeed creating, artifacts in word and sound ?

In my brother, Bills spirit, Jamison, we wonder. said...

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this whole thing is it's absolute UNIQUENESS. It's rather like discovering a rainbow in a seashell and knowing it will always be there. Makes ya wanna take care of it.


Mariah Fleming said...

I hope you will consider contributing your thoughts, picture, memories, this blog on a regular basis. You are a big part of what this is all about, y'know. Maybe along with your posts, it will nudge Marty, Danny Zelisko and all the others who were such a presence in our era (and still are.) The photo is really cool. Thanks!